The Author

As a child, I didn’t care much about reading or writing.  I was a slow reader and one of those left-handed writers that teachers in the late 1950’s thought should be taught to write right-handed. My penmanship looked as confused as I felt and I shied away from anything literary for decades.
My fascination with people took hold when I was twelve years old, delivering newspapers to every corner of my small home town. It was often the people that society tended to shy away from, that I found great joy in spending time with.
As a teen in the late 1960’s, I was confronted with my inability to change my sexual orientation. I’d known from an early age that I wasn’t like the other boys. I felt my pleas to God were unanswered. It never dawned on me that maybe I was exactly who I was created to be.
Over the years, I crossed this nation and back again, living in large cities and tiny rural towns. I’ve held jobs from sweeping floors to corporate management. Several years ago, in recovery from chemical dependency, I began to use writing as a tool for self-discovery as well as self-expression. I slowly came to love writing stories, largely to see what the characters might do next.

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  1. I absolutely loved "Franklin." I have posted a glowing review on Amazon to spread the word. One constructive criticism: your title is killing you. Why? It is too long and sounds like a textbook or some amateurish effort, not the amazing book that it is. Perhaps just calling it "Franklin" would be enough, or give a subtitle that isn't as religious or technical sounding like "a coming of age story of healing," etc. Your product description could give the potential reader the remaining details. Admittedly, the title almost kept me from giving the book a chance, and I found the book life changing.